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Certified Citric will be the first premier full service record label on the Solana blockchain

We have already onboarded multiple artists (TBA), songwriters, mixing engineers, mastering engineers and aim to add more inside and outside our web 3 community

Our big picture goal is to eventually compete and then surpass the major record labels (ie Atlantic, Sony, Interscope) and make current major label services irrelevant and outdated.

We want the next breaking artists to work with us instead of the traditional majors

We aim to empower, develop and support artists and revolutionize the music ecosystem and the value consumers put on music.

NFT Launchpad

The Launchpad is the main focus of our company as it is the connecting bridge between talent and the music industry, all due to the power of the NFT space.

The Launchpad will solve the issue, for artists that even though they have the music expertise they lack the budget, marketing skills, time and connections. It is well known that traditional music record labels take advantage of this and seek larger percentages as the success is imminent through them, due to having all of the aforementioned resources.
Certified Citric will offer these services to upcoming artists under a Decentralized Structure with deep connections in the real world and the industry, while utilizing the NFT space’s crowdfunding ability and rewarding the holders in $SOL. Due to our doxxed team’s many years of experience in the music industry we have a unique advantage in onboarding IRL clients within our current music contact base and we plan to extend our reach in this department as well.

In conclusion, our in-house devs can implement custodial and non custodial staking, ready for Certified Citric or any other project should we choose to utilize it or under a client’s request.


The Vinyls are inspired from the RIAA Gold & Platinum Awards which have set the cornerstone of certification in the music industry since 1958. The awards are earned by artists who have met rigorous standards, and recipients join the ranks of the most iconic recording artists.
Gold is the first step of success and thus it has the biggest supply, followed by Platinum and Diamond Records, each with lower supply than the previous.
We have also produced a final special category, which while not reflected in reality, yet it will be the top tier of our Label, the “Rose Gold”.

About The Genesis Collection

We believe we are doing something that has yet to be done in the NFT space. Combining passive income based on a real life tangible asset while also building up a strong community of creatives.

Support artists while getting paid. It’s as simple as that

This is the Main NFT ‘Certified Citric’ NFT
Supply: 1111 NFTs
MINT DATE: 30th of March